Smarter Advice about Specialised Equipment

The Neuro Hub

Pressure Mapping Service

​Too much pressure over too long a period is one reason why skin may break down.  Mapping the distribution and patterns of pressure can provide both static and dynamic Information to support clinical assessment.  Click here for more information on our new Pressure Mapping Service.

Education & Training

Educational seminars and training sessions can be developed  to suit your own needs and time constraints.  Written or digital training materials can be developed to support and promote effective equipment prescription and/or use and for allied health professionals, individual AT users, families, carers  or organisations. 

Other Services

If you need other specialised help, let us know, so we can refer you to one of our partner services at The Neuro Hub.

​The Neuro Hub is a collective of skilled and independent community-based professionals offering specialist services to individuals with Neurological injuries or conditions.

Independent Assessment & Prescription

Expert, independent advice, assessment and prescription of a wide range of customised or specialised equipment to best suit your own unique biomechanical, therapeutic, functional and lifestyle needs including:

  • manual wheelchairs
  • power assist or add-on products
  • power wheelchairs and motorised scooters
  • sports wheelchairs and recreational mobility devices
  • adaptive seating and postural supports
  • pressure management products
  • specialised mobile shower commodes and other bathroom and toileting aids
  • hoists, transfer and manual handling equipment
  • beds, mattresses and home care products
  • standing and walking devices
  • vehicle modifications to allow an occupant to travel in their wheelchair
  • vehicle hoists, ramps and other gear to allow easy transport of a wheelchair or mobility device
  • special car seats and restraints

Funding Applications

Gizmo is experienced at dealing with third party funding agencies.  We will quickly and efficiently get your paperwork completed and collated to submit effective applications to a variety of  organisations including:

  • NDIS - for AT levels 3 or 4
  • CTP insurers including NIISQ
  • other State schemes including TAC, Lifetime Care and Support and TIO
  • iCare and Workcover schemes
  • DVA (clients on Rehab Plans only)
  • Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme (MASS)
  • Charitable groups and one-off funding submissions