Smarter Advice about Specialised Equipment

Do you receive commissions?

I do not accept any commissions or inducements from equipment vendors (apart from the occasional  promotional tape measure).  I operate independently on behalf of the client who engages my services, that's how I pay the bills. 

How do you choose an equipment vendor?

The main issues are that the vendor has the right demonstration equipment, in the right size for you to try, the knowledge to fit it to your needs, and the care factor and resources to follow up with after-sales service.  I work with a large variety of vendors, and the way they get my repeat business and recommendation is to treat my clients with respect and care.

I prefer to deal with vendors who are members of ATSA, and subject to the industry code of practice, who have staff with specialised knowledge and skills, and who have demonstrated to me their commitment to customer service.

How much does it cost for a consultation?

Fees will vary for each client, I am happy to have a chat over the phone, and provide a quote. 

For NDIS Participants, rates are fixed by the NDIA and Gizmo offers fixed-rate service agreements to complete AT prescription or review.

For CTP and WorkCover claimants, we adhere to the published QCOMP schedule of physiotherapy fees for complex assessment and intervention.

What if I don't live in Brisbane?

Telephone or video link can be ways of providing consultation to clients who live away from the South-East Qld area.  This service can be provided direct to the client, or to support local allied health professionals who request support or mentoring.

For clients within my usual service areas I generally charge a flat rate travel cost.  For services outside these areas travel costs can be negotiated on a case-by-case basism and I can negotiate travel to other regional areas on an ad-hoc basis.

Health professionals always seem to think they know best - why are you any different?

I know lots of clients who have been prescribed equipment that suits their clinical needs, but doesn't suit them.  I will always treat you like an individual, listen to your needs and preferences, discuss issues with you and try my best to support you to make equipment choices that best suit your own unique lifestyle.  Lets face it - your gear needs to make YOU happy!