Smarter Advice about Specialised Equipment

Is Gizmo an NDIS provider?

Yes, our NDIS organisation ID is 4050005351.

What type of NDIS Participants can Gizmo provide services for?

Gizmo currently provides services for all types of NDIS Participants:  NDIA Managed, Plan Managed and Self-Managed.

What services does Gizmo provide for NDIS participants?

Gizmo provides independent advice and prescription from an experienced allied health professional working in the field of assistive technology.  

AT that is more complex (NDIS Level 3 & 4) requires detailed assessment, trialling and prescription:  this service is provided by Gizmo and has a cost that is separate from the AT itself.  Jenni works with each NDIS client throughout the equipment selection process, providing as much or as little support as you require to get equipment in place to help you achieve your individual goals. 

Gizmo also offers a mentoring service, where Jenni can also work remotely to support your local allied health professional in prescription of complex assistive technology. 

What type of assistive technology can Gizmo prescribe?

Complex and specialised assistive technology in NDIS Categories 3 and 4 requires professional assessment and lodgement of a formal Assistive Technology Request before funds will be approved and participants can purchase the equipment.  Gizmo can prescribe assistive technology in the following areas:

4.2  Assistive products for personal care and safety: including items such as beds, pressure management mattresses, postural chairs, lift chairs, standing frames, mobile shower commodes, bath supports and other personal care and safety equipment;
4.5 Personal mobility equipment:  including items such as hoists, slings and transfer equipment, customised splints and orthoses, walking equipment, manual and powered wheelchairs, other wheeled mobility systems such as strollers, mobility scooters, power add-on devices, car seats, postural seating products, pressure management cushions, wheelchair hoists and carriers, ramps and vehicle modifications to allow wheelchair occupants to travel in their chairs.
4.6 Assistive equipment for recreation:  including items such as recreational and sporting wheelchairs, wheelchair adaptations to allow recreational pursuits, specialised bicycles and tricycles as well as other adaptive equipment for outdoor access.

Does Gizmo sell equipment?

No, Gizmo is a fully independent consultancy that supports participants to identify, trial, purchase and fit specialised equipment from a range of equipment vendors.  Gizmo does not sell equipment and does not accept any commissions from equipment vendors.

How much do services cost and how much should participants include in their plan?

Assessment, therapy, training and fitting, as required to deliver the correct AT to meet each participant’s needs, is funded by the NDIS as a Therapeutic Support under CB Daily Activities, support item Ref 15_048_0128_1_3 at a rate of $179.26 per hour from 1 July 2018.  Funds to provide these therapeutic supports must be available in your plan under Capacity Building (Daily Living), but funds for the AT itself will generally not be allocated or appear in your plan until after the Assistive Technology Request is lodged and assessed by NDIA.

As of July 1 2018 Gizmo will be negotiating up-front fixed fee service for all NDIS participants to provide services related to AT, and this will usually be a flat rate of 5, 10, 15 or 20 hours, depending on scope of work and client location.  This model provides certainty to clients and allows services to be delivered as required to best achieve client goals and is inclusive of any travel requirements.  A minimum 5 hours service is required to accept new clients.  Although estimates can be provided prior, the total hours required to complete your AT prescription or review will usually be confirmed after the initial assessment has been completed, and your service agreement completed at that time.  Additional services outside the scope of the original work will be charged at the hourly rate.  

Each participant’s needs are different, and time required will vary according to complexity.  In complex AT, participants often require the following services, many of which require time outside of face-to-face appointments:

Initial assessment:  2-4 hours              
Equipment trials:  around 2 hours per trial, including liaison and coordination with vendors     
Review of quotes and other information:  around 30 minutes-1 hour per trial
Paperwork:  typically 2-4 hours per item to formally document assessment and trial findings as well as recommendations, complete and submit NDIA AT Requests
Fitting:  1-2 hours per fitting session 
Training:  1-2 hours to provide training to key carers or create written resources

How much should I allow for travel costs?

Travel will be included in your fixed-price service agreement from 1 July 2018.  Gizmo currently provides services in south-east Queensland metro areas and (according to demand) west to Toowoomba, south to Tweed Area and north to the Sunshine Coast.  

Where will services be provided?

Where assistive technology will be extensively used in the participant’s own home, and/or where needs are complex, it is preferable to conduct the initial assessment at home with familiar carers and family present.  Equipment trials are also often best conducted at home, especially if the participant has special needs that make it difficult to travel and trial equipment in other locations. Where needs are well understood, or where considerable adjustment or tool work is required during the trial, it often saves time and money to trial a range of options at the vendor premises.  For some clients with long standing and well-understood needs, it may be possible to conduct an initial phone interview, followed by assessment and trial of equipment, all at vendor premises.  Remote support services can be provided by phone or video link as appropriate.

Will Gizmo provide a quote for services?

Gizmo is always happy to provide individual quotes for service, or provide an estimate of the hours that will be required to complete AT assessment, prescription, fitting and/or training.  Where needs are not well understood, it will be necessary to complete an initial assessment to provide an accurate quote for service.

Will Gizmo source comparison quotes for AT?

Gizmo is happy to source comparison quotes, or check pricing, where a second provider exists for standard equipment, who can provide appropriate after-sales service.   This is sometimes required so that the NDIA understands that the AT requested is value for money.   However there are many ways to demonstrate value for money, and a direct comparison quote is not always easy or cost-effective to obtain.  

In cases where the equipment is highly customised and requires trial, no reputable vendor or provider will responsibly provide a second quote without an additional trial.  In such cases, a second trial will be necessary to obtain a comparison quote, and the costs of this must be weighed against potential benefits.  Gizmo fixed service will not generally support additional trials in cases where no clear additional benefit for the client is identified.   Where equipment is prescribed to work in concert, it may not be advisable for items to be purchased from separate vendors.  In all cases, Gizmo will work with you to find the most appropriate and cost-effective way
to demonstrate value for money to the NDIA.