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Professional Mentoring,
Staff Training and 
Clinical Education with Jenni

Having worked in this industry for many years, I have a well-rounded view and an in-depth understanding of the often-bumpy road to generating great AT solutions for clients.  I have both business and therapy degrees, and lots of on-the-ground lived experience in both spheres, which makes me a bit unique in understanding the different challenges faced by vendors, clinicians and clients when trying to generate these solutions.  I also happen to have one of those logical, inquisitive, problem solving kinda brains which helps me to break down the issues for others and help them understand and conquer their own bumps in the road more effectively.

I often get asked for advice by colleagues, vendors and potential clients about how to make things happen for them.  While I love what I do and I love to teach others, and while I would also love to spend time with everyone (and I get a bit passionate about getting people the right gear), I still need to pay my bills!  So, while I will always be willing to have a quick chat on the phone, I am now offering education and mentoring solutions ranging from a one-off “pick-your-brains” sessions to small group targeted staff training to broader clinical education and ongoing mentoring packages.  Basically, I can target content and session structure to meet the needs of your organisation and your own staff, to help you generate your own great outcomes on a regular basis.  Give me a call anytime on 0400 613 351 or contact me by email to discuss options to best suit your needs.  Here are some ideas:

“Pick Your Brains” Mentoring Sessions 
Mentoring sessions allow you to access a clinical expert to help to clarify context and form a plan to generate effective day-to-day solutions for your own business.   Content of these formal individual or small-group sessions is generated from your own daily challenges.  Sessions run from 1-3 hours and can be a one-off or an ongoing commitment, designed to support and guide you in developing your own knowledge, systems and processes, so that your business thrives.

Sessions from are available over the phone, via Zoom Conferencing or face-to-face.
Investment:    $250+GST/hour OR $2000+GST for a 10-hour package
​                           (travel costs apply for out-of-office commitments)

Staff Upskilling Sessions
Staff upskilling sessions are a great way to support your staff to grow, learn and be confident in doing their jobs, which will result in a stronger and more successful business (not to mention happier staff and clients!).  These formal training sessions are targeted at non-clinicians and tailored to your own individual needs and existing staff knowledge, so you get true value for your investment.  The aim is always to demystify the clinical world and use knowledge to help your staff become more effective and successful at interacting with both clinicians and clients, to generate win-win outcomes for your business.

Some suggested topics/content:

  • Upskill your Customer Service Team with knowledge of mobility and seating products
  • Develop an information collection template to ensure that you get the right information from customers, so that your sales staff can capitalise on leads
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your trialling and quoting process
  • Upskill your Sales staff to improve their understanding of clinical prescription issues including fit, form and function of various AT elements

Sessions from are available via Zoom Conferencing or face-to-face.
Investment:    $300+GST/hour, $800+GST/half-day, $1500+GST/full day
                          (travel costs may apply)

Clinical Training Sessions
AT is fun but challenging!  I know a LOT about it and I love to share what I know with other clinicians!  I offer non-brand-specific clinical training sessions designed by an expert clinician, for clinicians.  Sessions can be short and sweet, or held over half or full days.  Gizmo sessions are aimed to provide practical, pragmatic and easily applied information to strengthen clinical skills and improve both efficiency and effectiveness of AT prescription.  If you are a vendor, I can tailor the session to support your product range.  If you are a clinical provider, I can tailor a session to support commonly prescribed items.  

 Some suggested topics/content:

  • Prescribing Wheelchair Cushions
  • Prescribing Manual Wheelchairs
  • Strategy and Clinical Biomechanics in Wheelchair Prescription
  • Prescribing Powered Wheelchairs and/or Power Assist devices

Clinical training sessions are conducted face-to-face.
Investment:     $350+GST/hour, $900+GST half-day, $1750 +GST full day
                            (travel costs may apply)